Spooky Halloween Drinks

Isn’t it funny that holidays are 100x more fun when you have kids? Halloween has always been one of those holidays that kind of snuck up on me. I never decorated, or threw parties, or even put much thought into costumes. This year, I’m so excited for Halloween to come that I can’t wait! I’ve brainstormed spooky decorations & a scary menu with my best friend, and we are going to throw a party for a few kids at my house.

The one menu item that has stumped me are the drinks. I want to serve the kids something with a Halloween – theme, but a lot of the Halloween drinks that I found were for adults only. And most of them were cocktails! No bueno for my kids party!

It’s hard to come up with a halloween recipe for kids that they’ll actually drink, so most of these are drinks that kids are familiar with, just dressed up a bit. You can take use these ideas to make any drink look a little scarier!

If you decide to make the drinks from scratch my¬†Fresh Orange Smoothie¬†Recipe is a good option! It’s healthy & a festive orange color. You could also make a “blood” smoothie with frozen raspberries and cranberry juice. Either way I hope you have a Happy Halloween!

1. Jack o Lantern Juice – You can easily make these fun little drinks using these halloween rubber stamps, orange and green paper, black ink, and black tulle. Easy & kid-friendly!

Halloween Drinks for Kids

2. Witches Brew – This is such a cute way to serve up Orange Gatorade! I especially love recycling plastic milk containters to serve these drinks to children.

Witches Brew - Halloween Drink Recipes for Kids

3. Ghostly Milk Bottles – Turn regular old milk into Ghostly milk with a black foam ball, cheesecloth, and a hole punch!

Ghostly Milk

4. Fizzy Pumpkin Drinks – Make this fizzy pumpkin drink concoction with orange juice, orange sherbet, pineapple juice, and lemon lime soda (Sprite). You can either buy these decals, or make your own out of black duct tape.

Fizzy Pumpkin Drinks

5. Mummy Juice – Decorate a juice box with white electrical tape and googly eyes for a festive beverage.

halloween drink recipes for kids

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