October 22, 2014
by Heather Boger-Hooker

How Do I Start A Blog?

I get a lot of questions about smoothies – but there’s one question I get even more: How do I start a blog?

And I know it can get overwhelming when you’re just starting out. It’s not that hard, though. I’m going to walk you through the steps to get started. You’ll have a blog in about 10 minutes. :-)

Step 1: Register for an account with Dreamhost. I’ve been a customer since 2010 and I can honestly say they really are a dream! I love their 1-click installs, I love keeping everything for my website all together, they have fast customer service, and they make it really easy to go into your back end if you ever need to. Their website is very easy to navigate, too. I’ve used other hosts that were a tiny bit cheaper, but they were harder to navigate and my site would crash. All in all, I’ve been VERY happy with Dreamhost for the past 4 years!

FIRST STEP – before you do anything else:

Click HERE & click ‘Get Started’ to set up your DREAMHOST ACCOUNT 

Step 2: Register a domain name. This can be anything. If you can’t think of a name for your blog just register your name.

  • From the Dreamhost Dashboard click ‘Domains’
  • Click ‘Registrations’ and enter the url (yoursitexyz.com) you want your blog to be in the long skinny box.
  • Click ‘Check Availability’
  • If your desired url is already taken it will show you some similar options, but if it’s available then you will see ‘Congratulations! Yoursitexyz.com is available! Let’s register it.’
  • Fill out the information and click ‘Submit’ or ‘Register’ at the bottom.

Congrats! You now are the proud owner of a shiny new domain name!

how to register a domain name on dream host for your blog

Step 3: Add hosting. This just means that you will have a blog running on your domain name. To add hosting to your registered domain name follow these directions:

  • From your Dreamhost Dashboard click on ‘Domains’ on the left hand side
  • Click on ‘Manage Domains’
  • Click on the ‘+Add’ button under the Web Hosting column
  • Choose whether you want your site to have a www in front of it or not
  • Scroll down and click ‘Fully Host this Domain’

how to add hosting to your domain name how to host a blog how to start a blog dreamhost

Step 4: Use Dreamhosts 1-Click Installs to install WordPress to your website

  • From your Dreamhost dashboard click on ‘Goodies’
  • Click on ‘One-Click Installs’
  • Click the yellow ‘WordPress’
  • Choose your domain from the drop down box.
  • Click ‘Install it for me now?’

That’s it! You’ll get an email in a few minutes with a link to your website. Then you can log in and get started!

how to install wordpress on your blog site website dreamhost 1 click install

That’s it! You have a blog! Congratulations!

*In addition to being a long-term Dreamhost customer I am also an affiliate. All that means is that you get the exact same pricing but Dreamhost pays me a small percentage for any customers that come through my link. If that makes you uncomfortable then you are free to google search Dreamhost instead of using my link.

October 17, 2014
by Heather Boger-Hooker

5 Cheap Ways to AVOID Weight Gain During College (& After!)

weight gain during college 5 cheap and easy ways to lose weight on a college budget

There’s a lot more to the freshman fifteen than excessive pizza and beer. In my freshman year of college, I gained exactly fifteen pounds, and it wasn’t because of how much I was drinking or how many times I visited Little Caesars. In fact, I only drank once my entire Freshman year, and I swore off pizza after the first five pounds were gained – but they kept coming due to my unhealthy lifestyle. A strict diet of cafeteria food and working at a Subway over the summer didn’t help at all with the weight loss, in fact I gained another five pounds. So when I started my sophomore year at Boise State University I entered unhappy with how I looked and felt and I was at a loss for what to do to fix it. Taking eighteen credits didn’t allow much time for the gym, and on top of all of that, being unhealthy increased my anxiety, as it often does, so my grades started to slip because my stress was unmanageable.

Thankfully however, I was able to work out some ways that helped. Within a year I had lost almost all of the twenty pounds I had gained and I was becoming a stronger person physically and mentally. The stress of class no longer felt unmanageable and I felt inclined to stay healthy and get things done on time. Based on what worked for me,

Here are Five Ways to Help You Lose or Avoid Weight Gain During College:

{and get healthier – while still maintaining grades AND having time to relax.}

  1. Bicycles – I figured I could get places in a timely manner without driving if I just rode my bicycle, and you know what? I was right. Not only did it work my legs and serve as a very productive form of working out, but it got me places without making me drop unnecessary money on gas. Riding a bicycle as my main form of in-town transportation turned out to be crucial to losing weight and getting in shape. Also, it helped me learn to manage my time better – if I was going to ride my bike somewhere, I had to give myself extra time to get there. I found myself learning to plan ahead more often,which resulted in a smaller amount of late nights in college due to poor time management and lots of homework. {After college tip: You probably don’t live on campus anymore but you can still get the physical benefits of bike riding. Instead of using your bike as a means of transportation think of it as an affordable hobby with the extra benefit of cardiovascular exercise! Explore your town’s parks and trails (which are usually free or very inexpensive) with your friends or SO.}
  2. Snacks (they’re not treats) – I was always taught to think of a snack as a treat. Like a reward for not having ice cream all day was to have ice cream after dinner. When I was hungry between meals I would look at it as an excuse to eat unhealthy things my tastebuds loved rather than my body crying out for nourishment. Instead of potato chips and cookies, I had to adjust myself to eating apples, bananas, health bars, assorted nuts, and other things that were ultimately much healthier than what I was used to snacking on. Snacks weren’t about treats anymore, they were about nourishing myself until my next meal. Instead of thinking of 3 large meals a day, break your day into 5 small meals – it’s easier to make healthy choices when you are not starving.
  3. Cut out the pure sugar! – I found this to be one of the hardest things in my new diet. Even with fruit, you’re getting a large intake of sugar. So I had to incorporate more vegetables into my diet, which I didn’t mind, except that to make room for it I had to take other foods out. Instead of ice cream after dinner, I’d add a couple of bowls of corn and some carrots to my meal. Also soda and candy, for the most part had to take the backseat to hydrating myself – that’s right, I replaced them with water. It should have been obvious all along, but when these things become habits you just kind of stop thinking about them. Drinking more water helped me sleep better when I needed to sleep and to stay aware longer when I needed to be awake. (DISCLAIMER: I’m still not very good at this. Here’s a source I found that has some good options, although the site itself looks sort of sketchy:)
  4. Finding a simple workout schedule for at-home exercising – At the time I was living in a tiny apartment with some of my friends with no gym membership. True, I did occasionally use the gym at Boise State, and I always had access to it. But I was running around so much at school that I didn’t have a lot of time to use go there and I had to be home studying a lot because, again, I was taking eighteen credits. So I had to do workouts at home. More than just pushups and situps – I had to get creative. Here is a list of great hotel workouts that I found, which could also be suitable for your bedroom or home without workout equipment – I personally enjoyed the single leg lunges, although I have actually not tried all of the workouts on this page yet. {After college tip: There are lots of apps that can help you with at home workouts OR you could join my weight loss group! I do at-home workouts every single day. – Heather}
  5. No more fast food – This one should be the most obvious way to stay healthy. But the fact is that fast food is incredibly convenient, and an easy trap to fall into – sometimes, I still succumb to it! But even when it’s cheap and ready for you, it’s an unfortunate way to feed yourself. Virtually any amount of food you can get at a grocery store will be more for your dollar and, even if its unhealthy, will be better than fast food. You can get two week’s worth of healthy sandwiches you make yourself for the price of two or three fast food meals. It’s completely worth it and will pay off in the long run!

Of course, these are only five tools that I found personally useful. If you want to get healthier, I urge you to start looking for ways that fit in your schedule so you’ll be able to make that a priority. It’s not as hard as it sounds and I promise you’ll feel great once you do it.

Rachel Pharlain lives in Meridian, ID with her two dogs Phoebe and Monica. She is a graduate of Boise State University and when she is not working or writing for websites like this one, she can be found at the gym, wine tasting, or wedding planning with her fiance Ryan.

October 8, 2014
by Heather Boger-Hooker

September Food Blog Income Report $289.40

Hi friends! I just started trying to monetize my blog and I thought I’d share how it went last month. :)

september food blog income report blogging money beach body coach beachbody food fitness health

Food Blog Income Report – Total September Earnings: $289.40

I’m pleased with that number. Sure, it’s nowhere near a full time income but I don’t work full-time and don’t want to!

My family will ALWAYS comes first – which means that I only work on this blog at nap time, or after they go to bed. And there are days when I don’t work on it at all, so like I said, I’m happy with almost $300 extra bucks in my bank account for doing something that I love, that I would have been doing anyway. It’s a way more productive way to spend my time than watching repeats of the real housewives.  ;)

100% of last months income came from Beachbody

You’re probably saying ‘What is Beachbody?’ They make my absolute favorite smoothie supplement! It’s protein mixed with super foods like flax and chia seeds. I’m basically an affiliate for them (called a Coach) and I help other ladies reach their health & fitness goals online. If that sounds like something that might be a good fit for you let me know and I can help you do the same! You can contact me via email (lilgreenbaby at gmail dot com) or Facebook.

I’m excited about this number for 2 reasons:

  1. It’s almost double what I made in August and
  2. It’s the most I’ve ever been able to make through my blog at one time.

But the goal for October is to double that number again – I’d really like to make at least $578.80 in October and I think its completely doable. I have a little bit of money in my google adsense account so I placed a few ads to help me hit $100 – that’s the minimum payout threshold for adsense.


I also applied and was accepted as a Fitfluential Ambassador which means I’ll get a chance to work directly with brands in the health & fitness category.

fitfluential ambassador esmoothie recipes heather boger-hooker

I’m experimenting with a couple of other programs, too. It’s too early to tell, but I’ll let you know how they work out when I do my October income report. Do you post an income report? Link it up in the comments below. I love reading about what’s working for other bloggers.