September 18, 2014
by Heather Boger-Hooker

Healthy Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

I used to love eating those orange creamsicle pops when I was little. At one point, I can remember thinking they were good for me because they had ‘oranges’ in them. LOL
healthy orange creamsicle smoothie diet weight loss meal replacement shake protein shake
Luckily, my grasp of nutrition has improved a tiny bit since I was a kid, and I no longer think that Creamsicles are a healthy breakfast. But that doesn’t mean I ever stopped wanting to eat them!!
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September 15, 2014
by Heather Boger-Hooker

7 Day Clean Eating Challenge Workouts

I want you to commit to working out for 30 minutes EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. You can do this!

Day 1 – MONDAY

Full Body Workout –

Let’s just go for it! You don’t need any equipment to do this workout – just room to move.


Leg/Lower Body Day. 

Luscious Legs Lottery Workout – Do it 3x in a row. It’ll take you thirty minutes and it will burn – the burn is how you get better!



This is where most of us need work. How bad do you want to get fit?

Do this workout 1xI don’t know why I signed up for this

Do this workout 2xI want it

Do this workout 3xI’M GOING TO GET FIT! 



If you don’t have weights at home grab two cans outta your cabinet! If you have weights at home I want you doing this workout with the heaviest weights you can lift and still do the moves properly. This workout is really short – but I want you to do it over and over again until you can’t physically do another rep. Thirty minutes max – but you’ll probably be DONE before thirty minutes are up. Remember that you’ll only see changes if you PUSH.


No Workout :)

You earned it! Keep eating clean today but no working out. Let your body rest and recover and we will get back at it tomorrow!


**I’ll add the last two workouts later this week. **

DAY 6 & Day 7 Coming soon! :)



September 12, 2014
by Heather Boger-Hooker
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free 7 day clean eating challenge meal plan healthy recipes 30 minute workouts esmoothie recipes

Sticking to a healthy, clean diet every day is hard, and especially tricky when you are super busy! If you are having trouble with your diet PLEASE join my 7 day clean eating challenge group. Do it for yourself, do it for your kids, do it for the skinny jeans hanging up in your closet – I don’t care what your motivation is (and everybody’s is different)- I just want to help you be the best version of yourself! Life is too short to hate your body, to hate getting dressed, to hate running into people you know. (We’ve all ducked before! haha)

This is the first step!

sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. tip toe if you must but take the step.


What You’ll Get:

  • Free, customized meal plan and clean eating recipes
  • Free daily workout videos
  • Daily Tips & Tricks to lead a healthier lifestyle
  • Encouragement from other women just like you!

Who Can Join:

  • Women (sorry, no men allowed!) who are ready to make serious changes to their lifestyle!
  • Only 5 spots available- I’m a busy wife and mom to 2 and I only have time to coach 5 women at a time, sorry!
  • You must have a Facebook account the private group is based on Facebook. If you don’t have a FB account you can sign up for a free one at
  • The challenge is better with friends! (+ it gives you REAL LIFE accountability) Ask your BFF to do it with you!

if you're waiting for a sign this is it


To sign up just send me a message that says I’m ready! Remember, this is first come, first served. If you wait – you’ll miss it. DONT WAIT!

 Why I Do This

The short answer is I like to help people and want to share what I’ve learned. (It gives me a break from the laundry. Haha!)

The long answer is that doing these challenge groups helps me stick to my personal health and fitness goals. I gained over 50 pounds with each pregnancy but I successfully lost it both times. The first time I lost it the unhealthy way, no exercise just skipping meals. I was skinny but I was unhealthy and miserable. This time I did it the right way. My son just turned one last week and I weigh several pounds less than I did before I got pregnant, but not only am I thinner – I’m healthier. I lost all the weight the healthy way, working out, sticking to a healthy diet, grabbing healthy snacks. Is it hard? Hell yes! In the beginning, it’s brutal. But just like anything else it gets easier and easier and easier. Now I honestly like sticking to a clean diet because I feel better. I hate the feeling in my stomach when I eat something bad for me – it physically makes me ill. I enjoy working out, not because I want to burn a bunch of calories, but because it makes me feel strong. I appreciate my body so much more than I ever did before. It is a liberating feeling, and I can show you how to get there – you just have to want it.

Message me now – I can’t wait to hear from you.

September 9, 2014
by Heather Boger-Hooker

Good Question: Can You Freeze Smoothies?

I decided to answer the question “Can You Freeze Smoothies?” in a video! It’s my first one on here, so please be nice! The full transcript and links to products I mentioned are below.

Hi guys, it’s Heather. I thought it would be fun to answer todays question in a video. So, let’s get started. This question is from Dawn. She says:

Hi Heather

I found your website when searching for smoothie recipes for my son and think your recipes look great.  My, rather fussy, son is two and a half and I’ve been giving him Cow & Gate 100% fruit pouches to boost fruit and veg portions but they are only recommended up to 36 months and I want to start weening him off them and on to something else, like your smoothies.  My problem is my son goes to nursery (I guess thats like preschool) two days a week and I’d like to be able to send him with a smoothie in his lunch box, I’d also like to be able to make batches of smoothies at home rather than pull the blender out every time I want to give him a vit and veg boost.  I was therefore wondering, can you freeze smoothies?
Hope you don’t mind me sending this email and asking the question.
Thanks in advance,
Dawn L.
I get asked this question a lot – can you freeze your smoothies? And the answer is absolutely! The way that you freeze your smoothies depends on how you would like to eat them eventually.
  1. You can freeze them in little mason jar and eat them with a spoon like ice cream, thats probably my favorite way to eat frozen smoothies.
  2. You can freeze them in ice cubes trays, let home thaw out a little bit and drink them like regular smoothies. (Make sure you shake it up)
  3. You can freeze them in the reusable silicone yogurt tubes (like go-gurt)
  4. You can freeze them in the little refillable pouches (like baby food). You can buy those refillable pouch kits just about anywhere.
  5. Completely forgot to mention the obvious – popsicle molds!

I’ll put the links to the products that I’m talking about below.  The only thing you need to be sure that you do is follow the standard ratio – if you’re missing the yogurt or frozen yogurt or the banana then when it thaws it will be a really strange juice with a foam at the top. The only other thing to be aware of is that the color can change a little bit if you choose to do the ice cube method and then thaw it out then the color can be a little funny. If you’ve had great success with this method, please leave a comment below. If I freeze my smoothies I prefer to eat them frozen. I don’t really like freezing them and thawing them out and acting like they are fresh smoothies, it’s not quite the same.

If you have another questions for me, please email me! My email is lilgreenbaby(at)gmail(dot)com I’ll put the link below. I look forward to talking to you guys and can’t wait to see what other questions you have.

September 8, 2014
by Heather Boger-Hooker

Apply to Our Smoothie Team


Apply To Be A Part of Our Smoothie Team - BE A SMOOTHIE REP

  • Add me as your FREE COACH and watch our Introduction to Team Beachbody video below.

    Check out some of our amazing CHALLENGE PACKS and let me know if you are interested in one of our SMOOTHIE CHALLENGES!



September 4, 2014
by Heather Boger-Hooker

Confession Time

I posted this last night in my weight loss accountability group* – and it really seemed to strike a chord with the other ladies – so I thought I would post it here, too.

Just to set this up a little bit – my daughter started kindergarten last week and my son had to have minor surgery yesterday morning. (It wasnt major and he’s doing exceptionally well now.) It was just one of those days that you have to get through – believe me, we ALL have them – but my point is that not every day is easy or perfect. Even if you get off track you have to acknowledge it (it keeps you honest!) and then PUSH harder the next day. You’ll never reach any of your goals if you give up – but I know plenty of people who have ‘failed’ their way to success! 

accountability group exercise you haven't failed until you quit trying motherhood health fitness diet weight loss baby children kids

I have a confession. Today I failed at fitness. No workout. I ate like shit. I feel terrible and my stomach is hanging over my pants.


Today I did NOT fail at reading my daughter’s favorite book word by word by word by word because she wants to learn how to read.

Today I did NOT fail at holding a little baby that didn’t feel great and just wanted his Mama.

Today I did NOT fail at spending quality time with my family.

Life is a balance. I get it. Today wasn’t about ME.

And yes, you better BELIEVE that I’m getting my butt in gear for tomorrow. I’m talking ’bout 100% clean eats and sweat, sweat, sweat!!

*Sidenote – Whatever your goals are I highly recommend joining an accountability group. If your goals include losing weight, losing baby weight, eating healthier, clean eating diet, or staying committed to a daily fitness plan then you can join one of my groups! Add me on Facebook ( and then send me a message about your goals so I can put you in the right group. :)

September 3, 2014
by Heather Boger-Hooker

Meal Planning for Two – How to Stretch a Chicken

Note from Heather: If you aren’t adding “roaster chickens” to your shopping list then you are missing out – big time! I just made a roast chicken yesterday for dinner – it’s a staple in our house because it’s healthy and even better, SUPER EASY! I’m thrilled that Jamie was willing to share her top-secret Shuttlecock Chicken* recipe AND how she stretches the leftovers into extra meals. Any size family can use her tips to stretch your dollars, simplify your meal plan, and save time cooking! Enjoy, and don’t forget to check out Jamie’s blog Snapginger.

*my daughter is going to love saying that….and has about a 50/50 chance of saying it correctly! It should be pretty funny to hear what she calls it. LOL

Guest Post- Meal Planning for 2- SnapGinger Blog - how to stretch a chicken
Hello eSmoothie Recipes readers! I am Jamie and I am so happy to be Guest Post here today, Heather is so great to work with! How delicious are some of those smoothies? I especially love the ones without yogurt, since I am lactose intolerant!

When I’m not devouring delicious treats, I blog over at SnapGinger, a Lifestyle blog. Where did that curious name come from? Well, SnapGinger is just one of my many nicknames, in reverse (GingerSnap was taken), so I ran with it! I’m a born and raised Jersey girl, and I live with my boyfriend and our dog Roxy. Cooking for 2 seems like it would be easy, but, without careful planning, we end up throwing away lots of good food!

This is where meal planning comes in! A solid plan allows you the luxury of shopping and cooking once, with multiple meals to show for it. This particular plan is for one cook day, resulting in four meals for two!

Step 1:

Guest Post- Meal Planning for 2- Shuttlecocked Chicken with SnapGinger
Yes, I know, giggle away, but Shuttlecocked Chicken is a perfectly normal thing, I’m not the weird guest blogger who makes things up! We found the tutorial in our Weber Grilling Cookbook, and it was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be!

The fancy folks over at Fine Cooking call it butterflying a chicken, but the idea is the same, and shuttlecocked chicken is SO much more fun to say. Check out the tutorial here.

Guest Post- Meal Planning for 2- Chicken Under a Brick- SnapGinger
From there, we followed the Weber recipe for Chicken Under a Brick, which I can’t find online, but was so delicious! Bon Appetit has a similar version, which I bet would be super tasty! The key is to get a decent size bird, anywhere between 2 and 4 lbs, because you want leftovers. Also, you’re going to want to save all bones, any skin that doesn’t get devoured, and the giblets, we’re going to use those for a tasty chicken stock!

Guest Post- Meal Planning for 2- Pantry Mac and Cheese- SnapGinger
A meal can’t consist of chicken alone, and being able to whip up a last minute side dish for two is easier when you have a pantry of staples. We always have pasta, milk, flour, butter, cheese and seasoning in the house, so I made a delicious Pantry Mac and Cheese. My trick for this is using up small portions that were left in a few pasta boxes. As long as they’re all around the same size, the variety will work, and I actually like the contrast of textures. Add in a diced jalapeno if you have it on hand!

Meal 1 was certainly amazing, now gather up those chicken bits (yummm) and follow me to Step 2.

Step 2:

Guest Post- Meal Planning for 2- Homemade Chicken Stock- SnapGinger
It’s time for Meal 2, Homemade Chicken Stock. While this technically won’t be a meal in itself, it will provide you with many meals to come! For a quick meal right away, bring this to a boil and cook up some tortellini right in the pot, easy peasy yummy soup!

To make the stock, remove all remaining meat from the carcass and add to a large stock pot filled with salted water. Add in all skin, giblets, an onion, chopped in half, a garlic bulb, chopped in half, some celery and carrots, a bay leaf and some pepper. Boil for two hours, until the stock is a rich yellow color, and strain to remove all bits.

Set 2 Ziploc bags upright in the sink, I use a gallon size, and measure out 2-4 cups of stock per bag. I write the quantity on the side of the bag, so I remember how much I poured in once the stock is frozen. I also do this while the stock is still hot, it won’t melt the bag. Lay the bags flat in the freezer so that the stock freezes in thin slabs, and stack those upright the next day!

Step 3:

For Meal 3, use the leftover chicken for chicken salad, maybe lunch tomorrow? Here are a few of my favorite chicken salad recipes.

Step 4:

Guest Post- Meal Planning for 2- Veggie Chopping- SnapGinger
While you’re chopping up veggies and fruits for the chicken salad recipe of your choosing, why not chop up a few more? All it takes is some foresight to buy extra veggies, and you have a fresh salad for Meal 4!

I snapped up this recipe from Half Baked Harvest, and it is delicious! It is posted as an Easy Summer Herb and Chickpea Chopped Salad with Goat Cheese and it is all that and more.

Guest Post- Meal Planning for 2- Easy Summer Salad - SnapGinger
This salad sits well in the fridge, as long as you take Tieghan’s advice and wait to add the chunky topping to the lettuce until you’re ready to serve.

So, you’ve cooked for a few hours, most of it on auto pilot, and you’ve enjoyed a delicious meal, while setting yourself up for 3 more. AND, the beauty of a plan like this, is that there are little to no leftovers, so your party of 2 is filled and happy, and not wasteful.

I do hope you find this helpful, and I would love to hear any of your questions or comments about Meal Planning! Stop by SnapGinger the next time you need a quick tutorial, a yummy recipe, some housewifey tips or a refreshing take on fashion and beauty. Thanks for reading and feel free to pin the image below to bookmark this post!

Guest Post- Meal Planning for 2- SnapGinger Blog
Jamie @ SnapGinger Blog
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September 2, 2014
by Heather Boger-Hooker

Good Question: Which Smoothies Work Best for Picky Toddlers?

Hi Heather,
I struggle with a picky toddler. He is 16 months old and I have a really hard time finding things that he will eat. He use to really like fruits, but is now going through a phase where he only likes bananas. He will surprise me by eating a random vegetable from time to time, but it is always a big deal in our home when it is time for his meals. My husband and I start to stress becasuse we never know if he is going to eat or not. If we gave him snacks, he would just eat that. I thought about smooties before, but I wasn’t too sure if he would go for it. Another battle we have is he won’t eat from a spoon. He either eats on his own or likes to be hand-fed with my hand…
I am desperate for him to eat healthy, so I thought I would give smoothies a try. If you have any tips on what smoothies work best, let me know.
Thank you!!!
-Frustrated Mom
Dear Frustrated Mom,
Believe me I know the feeling! I always recommend starting with simple fruity smoothies first – then gradually adding in vegetables or supplements. You really want your child to like the first one, so make it based on their favorite fruit. Because your son likes bananas you should probably try the Banana Almond Milk Smoothie. It’s simple, has a mild flavor and can be mixed with his favorite milk – (it doesn’t have to be almond milk!)
banana, almond smoothie, smoothies, almond milk, vanilla extract, sea salt, maple syrup

Banana Almond Milk Smoothie

Just blend it up and put it in his favorite zippy cup! If he likes it then wait a few days and make it again. When he’s ready to try something new try our personal favorite Green Smoothie with Kale. It’s fruity & delicious and he’ll never taste the kale – I promise!

kale smoothie apple juice frozen mango banana peaches yogurt


Picky Toddlers don’t stand a chance against these two SUPER SMOOTHIES!! GOOD LUCK!