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Heather Hooker Fitness

Heather Hooker Fitness is unique in that I personally mentor women in both their personal health and nutrition and also in becoming online entrepreneurs in the rapidly growing health and wellness industry. There are several options for women who want to stop spinning their wheels and see real progress towards their personal fitness and financial goals.

30 Day Health & Fitness Challenge

During this 30 day program we will figure out exactly where you are going off track with your daily meals and fitness routine and work together to come up with solutions. There are quick daily check-ins as well as weekly check-ins designed to support you and keep you accountable to your 30 day goal.

21 Day Smart Start

This three week program is designed to help you work out any remaining kinks in your personal fitness and nutrition routine and teach you how to implement simple strategies to become profitable in your new fitness business immediately. This program is ideal for someone who is already a fitness enthusiast and active on social media.

Coach Internship

The Coach Internship is perfect for someone who is already very active but wants to supplement their income and create a residual income stream. During this program you will have access to a variety of trainings as well as one on one zoom calls with me to work towards your specific income goals. The Coach Internship is ideal for a fitness professional who is tired of trading hours for dollars and wants to create an additional, residual income stream.