32 Best Quinoa Recipes

So I have been trying really hard to like quinoa. It’s cheap, its cooks quickly, and it’s healthy – the three things that are most important in my kitchen-  LOL! I tried cooking it in chicken stock (like I do my whole grain rice), I tried boiling it in water and seasoning the hell out of it with salt and pepper. And….. it was GROSS. I used up a whole bag – I made it four times for Dinner and hated every single bite. So the last time I served it L wouldn’t touch it, and I had to agree with her – it was awful. I turned to Facebook and begged my friends:

does anybody like quinoa

And I got dozens of yummy sounding recipes that either included Quinoa or used it as part of the show. I knew then and there that I would be able to keep Quinoa in my diet and I wanted to share in case you (yep, you!) were also a bit confused by how to make this grain actually taste like something other than cardboard.

May I present to you, 32 of the Best Quinoa Recipes, according to my friends. :)

32 best quinoa recipes

  1. Mix it with feta, olive oil & balsamic, avocado and whatever veggies (greens especially)  you like. Delish (Katie)
  2. Even my kids like this Creamy Parmesan Garlic Quinoa (Danielle)
  3. Quinoa Salad – Mix with black beans, mango salsa, and sweet potatoes – yum! (Kipling)
  4. (Lily) vouches that every single one of these are delicious = 21 Quinoa Salad Recipes to Try This Spring
  5. Especially this one -> Citrus Chicken Quinoa Salad
  6. (Lindsey) loves this one pan Mexican Quinoa
  7. My resident gourmet foodie friend (Ashley) loves this vegan/vegetarian Peruvian Quinoa Stew – and even though the picture is not all that great I totally trust her judgement – she is a FOODIE for real. 😉
  8. But she mostly just uses it as a little extra protein in salads. :)
  9. (Christy) mixes hers with brown rice
  10. (Stephanie) mixes it into scrambled eggs
  11. (Katherine) likes to boil it, let it sit overnight, and then eat it
  12. (Kim) could eat this Black Bean and Quinoa Enchilada Bake everyday with tortilla chips and avocado on the side.
  13. AND (Dana) mixes it in with taco meat and black beans so you can’t even taste it.

Enjoy! And remember to pop over to my Facebook page and let me know which one was your fave, ok?

Little Reminders

little reminders eat clean 80/20 sweat every day don't worry about calories watch portions don't use the scale often go by the feel of your clothes measurements etc do this for you heart


I found this pin on Pinterest and it is SPOT ON! Love it!

Little Reminders

  • Eat Clean 80/20 – Limit processed, fatty, or junk food to be only 20% of your total diet, in other words, only for treat meals! If you are new to clean eating check out this post I wrote What is Clean Eating? The Clean Eating Diet Plan
  • Sweat every day – I don’t care if you go to the gym, if you run outside, if you workout in your basement or if you do manual labor – you have to sweat! Every single day!
  • Don’t worry about calories – Calories are kind of an old school way to control your weight, but you know what we’ve learned? Not all calories are created equal. You can eat 1200 calories of oreos but will you look the same as the person who ate 1200 calories of fresh, healthy food? Will you both have energy to get through your day and regular digestion? Ummm, NO.
  • Watch portions – Just like anything else you can overeat healthy food too! A good rule of thumb is to read the nutrition facts of items that have them and stick to them. Cheese and nuts in particular are considered ‘clean eating’ but are easy to overeat.
  • Don’t use the scale often – You’ll make yourself crazy if you start weighing yourself every day and obsessing about each lb you fluctuate. A better way is to weigh in once a week at the same time of day and make adjustments that way.
  • Go by the feel of your clothes, measurements & how you FEEL! – An EVEN better way to measure your progress is with a measuring tape! When you start a new week take measurements and write them down. At the beginning of the next compare compare them to see how you’ve really done.
  • Do this for YOU! – So many times, as women we put everybody else first but your health is one great example of a time when you need to put your own ‘air mask’ on first, BEFORE you can help others. What good will you be able to do if you are sick or dead from something that was completely preventable through a healthy diet and lifestyle? Not only will you be around for a lot longer to help others but you will FEEL like a million bucks!

Super easy Steel Cut Oats (How to & Recipes)



I try not to send out a newsletter on Fridays…. It’s usually the day we really start slipping on our healthy diet, right? But I did want to go ahead and send out this busy AM shortcut so you’ll have time to shop & prep it this weekend! :)


1- pick up a carton of ‘steel-cut oats’ and 5 small Tupperware type containers. The containers should be able to hold about 2 cups. Picture a measuring cup to get an idea of how big they should be.


2- I usually do this part on Sundays: prep your steel cuts. You’re going to boil 4 cups of water. When it comes to a rolling boil add in 1 cup of steel cut oats. Boil for about 5 minutes and then reduce to low for 25 more minutes. Remove from heat.


3- after the steel cut oats have cooled, divide the oats evenly into 5 tupperware containers. Wa la! You’re busy weekday breakfasts are ready to grab, heat up for 1 minute, and go!


4- now for the fun part! The toppings!! I like to make mine a little different every morning, but the options are endless!


Here are some of my favorites:

– 2 tsp peanut or nut butter and a splash of almond milk

– 1/2 cup of my favorite frozen fruit and a splash of almond milk

-1/2 cup applesauce & a sprinkle of cinnamon (kid friendly)

– **treat** handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips and a tbsp of natural but butter. Tastes like a cookie but so good!!


I hope this helps you grab something healthy! I am not a morning person at all so this is a HUGE help for me!!


Heather Boger-Hooker


P.S- if you’d like even more tips & daily accountability then join in my May Health & Fitness group on Facebook. Just message me for deets!! facebook.com/hbhooker

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